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University Testbed Project
Highlights of University Research Project

Boston College
A user study of the general campus user, the Fine Arts Department user, and the College of Art & Sciences Honors students.

Carnegie Mellon University
Research into the integration of AMICO Library contents using AMICO metadata, use studies in the TELab workshop, transaction and demographic studies of users, potential analysis of RLG ARCHES data.

Columbia University
Research on the impacts of the AMICO Library on each aspect of the Columbia Digital Library Strategic Plan, exploration of the means by which Columbia can work with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in areas of digital imaging and education, and preliminary analysis of the issues involved in making the AMICO Library available to a Columbia led consortium of schools and undergraduate colleges, to be followed by proposals to make such uses of the AMICO Library in future years.

Harvard University
Members of the Fine Arts teaching Faculty will assess the use of the AMICO Library during the testbed period and issues involved in the integration of AMICO resources with other digital image resources available to the Harvard University community.

Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis
Conduct research into uses of the AMICO Library and user needs, explore the license terms and develop methods for feedback to AMICO members. In addition, explore the issues involved in the further distribution of the AMICO Library to libraries and museums in the Indianapolis community.

Princeton University
Research by the Consortium for the Development of Digital Collections into the integration of the AMICO Library and local digital data resources, studies of uses of the AMICO Library, and documentation of Princeton CDDC issues with acquisition, licensing and delivery as well as design of mechanisms for feedback. In accepting your proposal, the AMICO User and Uses Committee has asked for further details of planned faculty involvement in testing the AMICO Library as well as a more detailed research design from the CDDC.

Rochester Institute of Technology
A series of separate research projects conducted by the Wallace Library, the Educational Technology Center and the Image Permanence Institute including studies of uses, user needs, authentication and library development priorities, as well as studies of color management and licensing issues.

University of Alberta
Studies of the use of a local electronic reserve subset of the AMICO Library in conjunction with the RLG delivered AMICO Library, the integration of AMICO and RLG metadata, the requirements for classroom projection and faculty assistance in using the AMICO Library in classes and labs, and the educational evaluation of the contents of the AMICO Library.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and Chicago
Assess the experience of implementers of the AMICO Library in their effort to deliver it to users on two campuses and evaluate the uses of the AMICO Library insofar as possible.

University of Leiden
Evaluate the issues involved in having universities and other licensees of the AMICO database also serve as contributors of multimedia documentation which can be included in the AMICO Library and assess the use of the AMICO Library in conjunction with two projects of on-going research and teaching. Added research focussed on the trans-atlantic delivery of the AMICO Library, and the impact of network performance (andexpectations of network performance) on the usability of the resource.

University of Texas at Austin
Assess the methods of acquisition and licensing proposed for the AMICO Library and evaluate the use of the AMICO Library in art and art history teaching as well as in teaching settings outside the fields of art. Assess the issues in integration of the AMICO Library with other Visual Resource Collections.

University of Toronto
Evaluate the technical, design and content characteristics of the AMICO Library, including its implications for museums. Explore issues of the use of these resources and the frameworks for their development and distribution in graduate study in museology.

Wellesley College
Testing the incorporation of the AMICO Library into regular curriculum and teaching projects already underway using digitized resources, monitoring and evaluating use in an environment that presents the fewest possible limitations on use, and detailed reporting and statistical analysis of users and uses Further exploration of the added value of the AMICO Library to a University whose museum is an AMICO member.

Western Michigan University
Conduct research on the use and uses of the AMICO Library and its integration into other resources available on the campus.

Washington University, St. Louis
Assess the ways in which the AMICO Library can help address goals for greatly expanded image access, visual literacy, use of digital technology as an educational tool, and resource preservation, while beginning to answer questions about needed methods of access and uses of images in an interdisciplinary setting. Find out how licensed image databases can be distributed and how they can be integrated with other systems.


In June of 2005, the members of the Art Museum Image Consortium voted to dissolve their collaboration. This site remains online for archival reasons.